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After his initial success as a young teenage pop star with serious industry backing, Justin Bieber has grown into a massive, global star with fans of all ages. His blend of pop, dance and RnB is full of catchy melody and perfectly executed stage craft.


This guy has looks to die for, killer dance moves and is every bit the smooth dude vocalist his early promise hinted at. He's a true, global, pop sensation! Whether you’re a true ‘Belieber’ or you just love a great pop show our ‘Ultimate Bieber’ will set your stage on fire. This amazing show features Keith, a highly trained singer and amazing dancer who really has the funk and energy to bring Bieber right to you.


All the hits and some great covers are in this non stop ‘dancefest’ which can be scaled to suit the small to large venues and stages. It is available solo or with our phenomenal dancers to really make the show pop! The show is in the final stages of production and we will have fully live video up very shortly.

Bieber is arguably the new global king of pop and we have the ultimate way to get that magic up close and personal. This Bieber is no Diva - He's a performance sensation!

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