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It is hard to believe, but Harry Styles first burst on to the scene with One Direction way back in 2008.  He was undoubtedly the main focus of what was to become the biggest boy band in history where his talent, looks and charm were a major part of their success. With the band on an indefinite hiatus, Harry has made the often-difficult transition to solo star look easy.  Indeed, he has become equally as successful, selling millions of records and thrilling audiences, the world over.  He strikes a perfect balance between his former “teen idol” self and the more mature, singer, song writer and musician that appeals to older fans.  His concerts are laced with not only his hugely successful solo material, and his back catalogue of One Direction hits but he also includes many songs from classic artists he admires - artists such as Fleetwood Mac, Paul McCartney, Joni Mitchel and Shania Twain.  His covers of “The Chain” and “Sledgehammer” have racked up over 28 million views on YouTube!  Truly an artist with respect for great songs and the ability so sing anything.


To bring all these great elements together, we are so proud to present Adam Ingles with the “Harry Styles Experience”.  Adam is an incredibly gifted singer, musician and performer, with a passion for excellence in all he does.  As a huge fan of Harry, he has crafted a show that takes all these elements that make Harry such a huge artist.  He has distilled them into a show that truly hits the perfect balance for all ages.  His voice has a range and power that, like Harry, lends itself to all kinds of material, and has incredible tone and quality.  He is also a skilled guitarist, like Harry, and this features within his show.  The whole package is here including great costumes in the vein of Harry’s live performances, and he has a perfect amount of disarming and friendly charm that make him an instantly likeable performer.

As with all shows we produced here at Ultimate Artistes, this show is perfectly crafted in its pace, visuals and choice of songs. This brings you an experience that will thrill Harry Styles fans as well as lovers of great performance and music.  The show contains songs with combined sales in excess of 120 million copies - Something for everyone!


Harry is true a global star and a perfect musical icon across all generations at this stage in his career.  Adam Ingles is the perfect choice to bring you that experience up close and personal.

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