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RE-WIND 80's

Wham, Bam, we've got an 80s plan!

We want to take you back the decade of big hits, big dreams and big hair. Re-Wind 80s is a roller coaster ride through the best of the 80s with all the great, well-loved songs, superbly sung and choreographed in a show that oozes fun and class.

Re-Wind 80s takes you right through the decade from Blondie and Kim Wilde to Kylie and Banarama! The energy of the girls bounces right off the stage, and whether the audience wants to bop till they drop or simply sit and sing along to this spectacular show, these gorgeous, talented girls are perfect! They have a great rapport with the audience and always involve them in the party – after all, this was surely the most FUN of the pop decades.

Re-Wind 80s can be a stand-alone entertainment, or can be combined with the girls’ other decade shows. Alternatively, for that extra special event to suit all, why not combine this energetic, party-loving eighties show with any of our other amazing tribute acts, themes or bands.

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