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Welcome to the place the music is hot and the rhythm is going to get you! Emma presents a show as refreshing as a cold Mojito with the kick of a Tequila and the Latin fire of chilli. This will be a night where passion runs deep, from flamboyant and sexy costumes to the stunning, choreographed Latino dance moves, all delivered with incredible energy and the beautiful voice of Emma.

Diva Fiesta is a glorious performance of classic Latin songs with heart-wrenching melodies and classical songs, sung in English or Spanish. Full of soaring vocals and poignant melody, this spectacular and beautiful show captures all fevered romanticism of Latin music.


The ‘Diva Fiesta’ is a firecracker of a party with vibrant songs that make you want to dance all night! Emma’s versatile vocals and her fiery sense of fun brings ‘La Vida Loca’ to your evening! This shows covers the very best of Latin hits from the likes of Shakira, Jennifer Lopez, Gloria Estefan and all of those infectious one-hit wonders that make you sway to the music.

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