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Big, Bigger, Biggest!  When it comes to sales figures, they always use one name as the bench mark of massive success .

That is of course “THE BEATLES”.

So successful that nearly 50 years after they split, their music has never gone away and they are cited as an influence by everybody from Ed Sheeran to Adele.

To pay tribute to all that made the Beatles great , we give you...
. “HEY DUDE!” 

These Fab Four young guys have the energy, talent and passion to bring you the best of the young Beatles.  Born out of a mutual love for the band and their songs, they perfectly capture the sound and spirit that took the world by storm.  A perfect blend of harmony with three lead vocalists, just like the real thing, this is the Beatles with everything that made the world fall in love with them.  They’re young, good looking with talent, charm and cheek, that jumps off the stage 

This is the closest you’ll ever get to the true passion and energy that made the four FAB ! Whether you take them with their cool timeless image as themselves, or suited up 60s style like the early Beatles, with a sound and look that’s simply stunning, IT’S SHOWTIME!  

Standing out in the tribute world, Hey Dude! are just like the originals.
Youth, energy and talent way beyond the norm.

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