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It's time get your boots on for a night of fun, country style! Kaylie brings you the biggest, coolest, sexiest and best of this infectious music in a show that kicks like a Mule. This show is all about the good times and Kaylie knows exactly which buttons to push to get you in the country party mood.

She has toured the world in many great shows and now, with her awesome voice and stage presence, brings you "Kaylie's Country Girls". Shania Twain, Gretchen Wilson, Faith Hill and of course, Dolly! They are all here and many more - at their foot tappin, thigh slappin, booty shakin best. She gets the audience up, learning line dances and brings the party right to your table! This really is an evening where you leave your world at the door and lose yourself "down home" in a world of boots, shorts, denim and bling. Next time you get asked if you had fun , you'll be shouting " Hell Yeah !"

From ‘9 to 5’ till you " Feel like a Woman" .... Yes even you boys, you will love this show. Kaylie knows country and knows how to get you up an reeling. The beer flows and the hits keep a coming!

For the ultimate country experience Kaylie can bring along her two fantastic dancers for a real show stopping night!

Her show is available in various formats to suit. It can be purely Country, combined with her other awesome tribute to Katy Perry - ‘Kaylie Perry’, or ‘Taylor Swift’. Alternatively, it can be followed by a second set of great party/dance covers. Available with high quality PA and lighting, Kaylie can be totally self contained or easily integrate into bigger shows and events. This show is a must for any pop tribute event, tribute night or function.

Kaylie's Country Girls. Down Home Fun at its best !

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