There is real magic when good looking, young guys - James, Adam and Jay blend their voices, moves and personalities to create the chart topping Boy Bands.  From as early as the 60s with the Everly Brothers and The Beatles, to the block busting bands of the 90s to now with Take That, Backstreet and Five, Boy Bands have always had massive impact on the music scene.

Encapsulating all of the finest, we are proud to bring you, BOYZ BEYOND!  Slick, handsome, full of sex appeal and energy, they have the classic vocal blend that makes a boy band great.  With a show that seamlessly covers the biggest names and songs the dance floor is always crowded.  Full of brilliant choreography and vibrant personalities, the boys are super cool with a fun edge to this perfect show.  No matter wether your into the 60s 70s 80s 90s or 00s, these guys have it covered and they can tailor the show to suit any audience.  It makes for an guaranteed successful night as they bring your favourite hits to life, live and up close.

BOYZ BEYOND - The boys are back in town !

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