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Christmas 2016 saw the loss of one of the greatest singing and song writing talents we have ever produced, the amazing and much missed George Michael. In homage to the great man himself, multi award winning tribute artist Paul Grant-Reason has put together a show that has is full of the energy and passion of George’s live show’s. Voted 2017 best British male, Paul has a reputation as an outstanding vocalist, performer and and master with a crowd, and highly professional work ethic. So much care has gone into this incredible and authentic show, it has thrilled True George and Wham fans up and down the UK since its launch.


“What a show! George would be smiling down on such accuracy and professionalism “  Newcastle City Hall Audience Member


“Such a fun and respectful tribute to the man I love. So glad I went”  Broadway Barking Audience Member


From small, private shows, to big theatre and festival’s, this is a show that concentrate’s on the high points of George and Wham ! with hit after hit. The production and standard of the band is truly outstanding, and with full, purpose done video’s through out the show on a giant screen, you’ll be re living those incredible songs. With all the energy and accuracy of a great vocalist and front man , with a production that is second to none.


“ I started my career , just as Faith was released, and George and his music, has always been a huge part of all I do on stage . Myself and the band have left no stone unturned, to bring you our very best tribute to the man we all loved and aspired too. I’ll never sound just like George, no one will, that’s why he was a true legend. What we do is bring you these songs,  with the passion and energy they deserve, as great songs of our time. It really is a first class show in celebration of my hero and yours. George Michael and Wham!”

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